The continued growth of Bakels Australia into Far North Queensland requires a transport company that will commit to high quality service. Since inviting JP Xpress to store and transport our dry, chilled and freezer products, Bakels Australia has found them extremely friendly, professional and efficient.

Given the extreme temperatures in Cairns we really rely on JP Xpress to ensure our customers get great quality, because JP Xpress understand our need for quality they provide fast, efficient service.

JP Xpress is dedicated to providing first class transport in aid of our company and customer requirements, and with JP Xpress we have built a relationship based on Service, Honesty, Communication and Integrity.

Trever Peden - Queensland State Manager - Bakels Australia

Fruitmark have being utilising the services of J.P Xpress for several years. In that time we have found their service to be second to none. They have become an integral part of Fruitmark’s distribution system. Our partnership has developed over the years, they have earned our trust and set an excellent standard of service.

In an area of Australia such as Far North Queensland the correct cool chain is always a challenge. J P Xpress have demonstrated that their systems are in place to ensure that our product is always kept within the correct temperature range.

Our customers demand great service and the highest quality, Fruitmark would not be able to achieve this without the right distribution company, J P Xpress offers such a solution for Fruitmark.

Kerry Day - Sales Manager (Fresh Cut Sector) - Fruitmark

JP Xpress was the transport providers to National Foods for over five years in the Cairns region. Due to the dedicated commitment of the management and staff of JP Xpress, they became an integral part of our service platform to our client base.

We found JP Xpress an organisation that was prepared to take responsibility and to ensure that excellent service was offered and delivered upon at all times. If you are looking for a company that will not let you down you can count on JP Xpress.

Adrian Hogan